Navy MineLayers and MineSweepers old Films Atlantic War WW2

Navy MineLayers and MineSweepers old Films Atlantic War WW2 Stories plus Newsreels DVD

This is a collection of old films on little emphasized navy ships called, MineLayers and MineSweepers! To keep enemy ships in port, Navies used Minelayers, and to clear them, they used Minesweepers. This a collection of both used throughout WW2. These films are very old films and we hope you'll enjoy this collection.

New Great film added on a New Zealand Minelayer converted to a research Vessel

1st Film; "H.M. MineLayer". This is an old British film on a British minelayer sent out at night to mine German coastlines. There goal, Mine the enemy sea routes without being caught. This is a story of just 1 night in action. Runtime about 10 Min's

2nd Film; "NZRN Tutira F-517". This is a lost jewel of a film by the New Zealand Film Unit in 1949 called "Fifty-Four Forty South". It is a great little story on how a once WW2 Canadian Minelayer Destroyer, was givin to the New Zealand Royal Navy after the war, and, was being used as a reaserch support vessel to support Scientists on 2 frigid islands in the Antarctic. Those islands were Campbell Island and MacQuarie Island. From "Swords to Plow shears", a film worth seeing. Runtime 11 min's

3rd Film; "Minesweeper, The Movie". This film is a "B" type movie about Navy men enlisting and battling against sea mines in and round the ports. Their job was to keep the ports open so the convoys could continue to travel to save England with supplies. Some great footage of life on Minesweepers. Amazing stuff. Runtime 105 Min's

4th Film; "Minelayer Newsreels Archivals". This too is about Minelayers and Minesweepers. A collection of Newsreels and archive footage. 1st; Brazils Navy minelayers. 2nd; B-29 Drop Naval Mines. 3rd; USN Sweeps Naval Mines in the Pacific after the Koren War. Runtime 9:48 Min's.

Navy MineLayers and MineSweepers old Films Atlantic War WW2
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